Alpine Capital Research - Overview

ACR’s mission is to protect and maximize our investors' purchasing power through integrity with essential investment principles and excellence in valuation and advice.

Valuation excellence requires the right investment principles and analytical framework, as well as the discipline and capacity to execute. Ultimately, valuation excellence is evidenced in our long term investment performance record.

The firm was founded in 1999 by Nicholas Tompras, author of its investment principles and developer of its core investment strategy and research process. ACR is built today on the strength and knowledge of its investment professionals, who continually work to achieve research and valuation excellence.

ACR is one of two business segments of Alpine Investment Management LLC. ACR serves intermediaries and institutions. Alpine Private Capital serves high net worth individuals and regional not-for-profit organizations.

As a Registered Investment Advisor unaffiliated with any other financial institution, Alpine Investment Management is dedicated exclusively to the asset management business serving individuals, intermediaries, and institutions.



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